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Women Advisors! Break out of Chaos, Own Your Natural Strengths

Do you ever find periods of time when you have a lot to do but you just can’t seem to get focused on one thing? 

When I have a lot of different projects I’ll work a little here, a little here, a little here but I can’t seem to get traction on anything! 

For women advisors who pride themselves on getting everything done and doing it well, execution is a great quality but we also must recognize the signs when you need to pull back and get refocused. 

How do I handle this chaos? 

Last week I had a lot of projects that needed my attention. We are rebranding.  We’re rolling out our presentation course. I’m writing articles for the blog. I’m preparing for the business retreat. There was so much going on and I could feel myself not feeling effective, not really being able to complete one thing. I felt a little overwhelmed, anxious and irritable. Now I know when I’m feeling that way for more than one day it’s because I’m in what I call chaotic vibrations.

There is so much in front of me that it’s taking my focus and diluting it. Now everything is floating around like me like a chaotic cloud while trying to grasp onto one or two of them but they’re elusive. They keep floating and I can’t grab on. 

I know you felt this too because I talk to my clients all the time and they say,  “I can’t seem to get focused!”  This is what I do and what I coach my clients to do as well. 

4 Steps for Women Advisors to Get Back in Sync and Out Of Work, Work, Work Mode: 

  1. Make a list of EVERY project on your mind. On paper! Get it out of your head and on paper. This is very important. 
  2. Choose your top 3 or 4 projects. This could be based on time urgency or by the most productive project.
  3. Identify a timeline for completing your top project. Write in your calendar when you will spend time on each project.
  4. Turn off your mind! Choose something that allows you to forget about work. You know what breaks you out of chaos and gets you back in sync. 

By going through this process you are taking charge and becoming intentional with your business and beyond. When you master this skill you will be able to turn work off giving your brain and your energy a much needed break.  

When you are unfocused you are running on fumes. Your brain and energy levels have been going, going, going, going, gone and that’s not what you want! It’s so extremely important that you learn how to turn this chaos off.

I have my go-to activities to help my brain turn off! Sometimes my husband and I go downstairs and play ping pong. I love it! I laugh a little bit. It drums up my competitive spirit. I’m not thinking about writing an article or pulling a new program together. I’m focused on that ping pong ball!

There are so many times I will go on a walk or I will go to spin class. Not because I need it physically because I need it mentally.

When you take time out and give yourself a chance to rest, you will get more done in the first hour of focused energy than you would have completed all day. Now what you are doing is taking those chaotic vibrations that were all over the place, driving you crazy and channelling them to serve YOU. 

This is when you’re in the vortex!

You know you’re in the vortex when everything’s just coming to you with ease, you feel like all the pistons are firing.  Everything is working in sync. This state of being and source of energy is where you need to be in order to thrive in your business. 

We all go into the states of chaotic vibrations sometimes. Maybe you decided to change firms, or there’s a market upheaval, or some other extenuating circumstances. It’s during these times especially when it is vital to make your list, identify what can wait and what you need to do now to really feel like you are making progress. 

As a successful female advisor, your job is to figure out how you can stay in this vortex most of the time. Your other job is to understand that when we’re in chaotic vibrations it is an opportunity to get refocused and reprioritize. You need both! Embrace this process and I’ll meet you in the vortex.

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