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An engaging marketing membership program that makes marketing to women, easy to implement, more effective and builds your brand as a women friendly advisor.


Today’s advisor must provide more than just investment advice if they want to attract and retain more women of wealth.

Women today want:

  • Consistent communication that educates her about financial topics that are relevant to her life, her issues and her desires and in short bite size pieces
  • To be inspired to learn about her money through fun interesting topics instead of boring white papers and market updates.
  • To be challenged, pushing her out of her comfort zone of financial ignorance using interactive tools that motivate and engage her.

As a member of our femXadvisor Engaging Marketing Membership you will receive:

  • 3 Female Friendly Emails sent directly to your inbox on a monthly basis. These emails are written by women, rich in content that appeals to women (all of which are very compliance friendly).
  • Access to a library full of quizzes and engaging tools that encourage more active interaction with women.
  • Business Building Tools including worksheets, video tutorials and scripts designed to help you to help you build more productive relationships with affluent women.
  • Quarterly Coaching and Inspiration through our “Best Idea” calls with Adri, featuring topics and coaching on ways to enhance your women’s marketing strategy.

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$ 49.00/month

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Using Adri’s monthly coaching, leveraging her female friendly content, and accessing her business building tools you will learn how easy it is to increase business growth, attract more assets, appeal to women and generate referrals without ever leaving your office.


Here is how easy it is:

Step 1: Each month we send you 3 compliance friendly emails that are written by women that appeal to women along with an interactive or business building tool.

Step 2: Forward these emails to compliance for their stamp of approval, you are welcome to make any necessary edits.

Step 3: Once approved send out one email every two weeks to your entire database, yes even to the men as they will become your greatest source of referrals.

Step 4: Post these same emails to your social media sites and on your website.

Step 5: Join our quarterly Best Idea coaching call to learn new proven methods of growing your business and building stronger more productive relationships with women.


Become a Member Today! Register Here:


$ 49.00/month

Month-to-month flexibility. Cancel anytime.



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Learn more about Adri

Adri Miller-Heckman is a leading authority on marketing to women. Adri is a highly passionate and motivational speaker who fully engages her audience and inspires advisors to market to the affluent woman, a goldmine of opportunity. Adri’s out of the box style combined with her personal and business experience adds tremendous credibility to her story and message. Like any good coach to financial advisors, Adri’s coaching career was preceded by an extensive and successful career in the field. As a financial advisor, she learned first-hand what it takes to build a thriving and sustainable practice targeting the women’s market. Adri’s more authentic approach and business building strategies coined her as one of the pioneers in the women’s market. As a result of her success she went on to become a national trainer for Smith Barney, and then Director of National Sales for Women and Co., a division of Citigroup – all while raising three children on her own.


In addition to training thousands of financial advisors, Adri authored the book Seminars for the Financial Advisor, and her new book Driven by a Purpose will be released early 2013. She also developed and copyrighted The Purpose Driven Process for the wealth advisor and her seminar Savvy Women Invest on Purpose has helped hundreds of advisors from across the country brand themselves as the go to advisor for women in their community. Adri is president of home of Keys to the Ladies Room the marketing to women resource and Your Pink Office for the female financial advisor.


Adri’s 25 years of success in the highly-competitive financial services industry followed a highly successful athletic career. At 13, she was a member of the youngest volleyball team ever to compete at the national collegiate level. The University of North Carolina awarded her a full athletic scholarship, where Adri led her teams to several championships, concluding her college career as the MVP of the Atlantic Coast Conference. After college, she continued to fuel her athletic ambitions by training in an outrigger canoe and paddling across the Molokai channel. Adri ended her athletic career leading the US Navy volleyball team to win the National Armed Forces Championship. That same drive and dedication is evident in Adri every day as she continues to lead financial advisors to a higher level of success.