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How to win over women: First Appointment Script

Your first official appointment with a woman (or couple) can have a significant impact on whether or not you get her business. For a woman if it doesn’t go well you won’t get a second chance, in fact not only will you not get the business but she may even share her negative experience with other women. Needless to say understanding how to present yourself and build her trust is essential to your future success. There are really two critical points to remember:

  1. Its NOT about you
  2. It’s still not about you

The following script, process, and agenda has proven to make a positive and lasting impression on woman elevating your foundation of trust and accelerating the process of winning the business relationship.

IMPORTANT: Even when meeting with a couple spend 80% of your time speaking to and engaging the woman, as she begins to respond and engage you will win the loyalty of the man in her life.

1. Set the stage and welcome her: Mrs. Smith I’m glad you came into visit with me today, (emphasize how she learned about you) The most important part of this meeting is about getting to know you and you getting to know me, building a foundation of trust and comfort is the basis of any good relationship.

2. It’s all about her: Get to know her focusing on who she is not what she owns. Use open-ended questions that allow her to open up and share. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself? Ask about her status in life, her family, what’s important to her

What is it that brings you in?

Tell me about your lifestyle, what’s important to you?

If you could leave your children with just 3 principles/values what would they be?

What are your 3 most pressing financial concerns?

What is the “purpose” for your money? If you had all the money in the world and could only spend it in three ways how would you spend it?

**IMPORTANT – As she shares information when you can relate to what she is saying share a bit of your own experience and similar interests – remember a good relationship is reciprocal and escalating, that can’t happen unless you share a little bit about you and how you can relate to her experiences.

3. Compliment and Summarize: After about 40 minutes of getting to know her now it’s time to give her a sneak peek as to what she can expect from you.

**IMPORTANT: This is not about educating her it’s about connecting and inspiring her to want to know more while making her feel comfortable, safe and secure.

Mrs. Smith it sounds like you have had quite a life filled with many wonderful experiences, I especially enjoyed hearing about _____________________.

Based on our conversation I understand your 3 concerns are: _____________, is that accurate? (By reiterating she knows that you listened and heard her – a very important factor to women). I have so enjoyed our discussion and would love the opportunity to help resolve your concerns and help you to continue living a purposeful life, one that you obviously deserve

At this point you may or may not have even reviewed her statements, depending on how you interact it’s important to reinforce that your focus is on her not her money.

4. Let her get to know you. Using a mini power point presentation can allow you to use visuals to reinforce what you say. Again this presentation is not about an education in portfolio management but an opportunity to share the most important aspects of your practice as it relates to her.

Mrs. Smith let me tell you a little bit about me and why I focus my practice on women:

  1. Share your story “Why Women” – use real pictures to emphasize and make your story come to life.
    How to win over women: First Appointment Script
  2. Roll right into your compelling introduction: That’s why most of my clients are…

    Image B

  3. Talk about the most common issues – 3 needs from your compelling message.
    blog image 4

  4. Share your tiffany box process – The solutions you provide repackaged to appeal to women
    blog image 3

  5. Introduce your Investment Philosophy: Using your 3 clichés allows the woman to feel comfortable and not intimidated – by understanding their meaning you make her feel more confident and capable.
    blog image 5

5. Tell her Why and How – Let her know WHY you want to work with her personally and what is the next step:

Mrs. Smith, I so appreciate what you have accomplished and would appreciate the opportunity to help you feel more secure, more confident in your financial future experiencing less stress and concern;   Let’s take a look at your financials………..

Based on your brief assessment of her statements and assets share briefly what you can accomplish for her.

Based on what you want to accomplish and what I see here I believe we can: (list the resolution to her concerns)

Let me share the next steps, if you choose to let me help you the process is quite simple: At this point show her a paper with a check list of the next steps, remember women LOVE a process, a checklist to make things more manageable.

**IMPORTANT: It’s important that your presentation is designed so that it appeals to women’s esthetic nature, make is soft, with coordinated colors and design. This is worth spending a few extra dollars to have a graphic designer create your look and feel.

Women want to know you care and understand them, they don’t want statistics nor fancy charts. A simple, well thought out compelling message and presentation can quickly transform an acquaintance into a loyal client raving fan.

Make your first impression the most impactful you possibly can, fore in most cases you get one chance. With Adri’s new Power Coaching Program together you will refine your focus and marketing message to inspire women and attract new clients before you even say hello! 

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