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Attract Women Ready to Invest with this Perfect Event Combination

Women are leery, that’s the bottom line. And women are not stupid, when they get an invitation to a nice event free of charge they know you will want something from them, or at least that is what they are thinking. But when you charge for an event, when a woman is asked to invest in herself and pay for your value, well now you are singing a whole new tune.

There is tremendous value in providing educational events and engaging workshops for women, in fact hosting events is almost mandatory if you are looking to create new relationships and develop loyal raving fans. 

The fact is women LOVE to learn in a community with other women so providing that community environment is essential, the question is should it be free or should they pay?

With my coaching clients the answer is different for each advisor, the solution comes in finding that delicate balance of events and workshops that work best for the advisor and their community. 

Incorporating “Pay to Play” events event can add a whole new layer of value and commitment from both the advisor as well as women in the community.

Think about it, when a woman receives an invitation from you to attend a nice event at a well-known restaurant, she knows it costs money if she doesn’t know you she may be apt to take advantage and bring a friend and neither one intend to do anything with you. If she DOES know you she may be hesitant to bring a friend knowing, you are paying for the lunch. 

Does it seem a bit complicated? 

Yes but that is how women work and think, they have many different factors playing a role in their decision making process so depending on the situation it can work for you or against you.

But what if every month they get an invitation for a monthly event at a fabulous restaurant with an enticing topic and they are asked to pay for their lunch while getting a great boost of inspiration? Personally I would be more apt to invite a friend knowing I’m not burdening the host or “taking advantage” of the situation. In your case you are actually attracting women who are willing to invest in their future, that doesn’t not mean that those who attend are totally qualified but they certainly have the attitude you are looking for.

To compliment a “Pay to Play” event I would host a “Qualifier” event. This is a high-end event that is free but attendees must qualify to attend. I would even allow husbands to participate, this gives women an easy way to introduce you to her spouse or partner, a critical step in the process. With a qualifier event it is essential that you actually state the qualifier on the invitation and articulate it verbally during your “Pay to Play” event.

Qualifier Example: “This event is for women and couples that have accumulate more than $1,000,000 in investable assets and have complex financial concerns

Keep these qualifier events small, intimate and of high value.

By incorporating a “Pay to Play” you are now addressing and serving the needs of any woman in the community. Advisors hosting a “Qualifier” event are directly attracting those that have the assets you are looking for but in addition it opens the door to husbands and even more importantly everyone becomes aware that you are capable of managing millions.

They are no one size fits all when planning your event strategy. It’s really about finding the combination that works well for you, appeals to your tribal market and is conducive to your community. 

The key is being creative while being consistent with your events. Once you commit to an event program or combination of events, keep doing it the same way until something tells you a change is necessary. Don’t overthink it, the repetitive nature enhances your ability to establish your brand and can dramatically impact your marketing and visibility in your community. 

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