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Female Advisors this Could Be Your Future! What are You Waiting For?

Advisors this Could Be Your Future, What the Heck are You Waiting For?

Let me take you for a quick ride into your future…

You have officially become a Women’s Wealth Specialist. Every time you open your mouth, you are gaining more attention and interest from everyone you meet.  Your conversations with strangers quickly turn into fruitful engagements. Your meetings and calls with clients go to a whole new level. For the first time when you speak about your work, people are listening.

It feels so easy, and then you wake up.  

When you develop your message, incorporate our femXadvisor process and begin sharing your new focus on women, that’s precisely what will happen. But instead, most advisors continue to fall back into the same old methods, processes, and routines, hoping for better results.  

The foundation of our femXadvisor coaching is all about helping women advisors develop a Compelling Introduction, and NO, this is NOT an elevator script, far from it. There are many aspects and components involved in creating your compelling introduction, but it’s a game-changer for every advisor when it all comes together.

Here are five real-life examples of how our femXadvisor process can impact your business:

  • Two minutes to make an impact: As a sponsor at a community event, she had two minutes to capture the audience. She shared her compelling introduction that focused on women, and as a result, potential clients swarmed to her booth.

  • Same scenario better results: Attending the same networking event for years and not acquiring new clients or referrals, a financial advisor decided to try a new approach. At the next meeting, she shared her compelling introduction, which focused on women. To her surprise, immediately following the meeting, multiple members reached out to schedule appointments.
  • Inspiring referrals: At a social event, when asked what she did, she took a different approach rather than simply responding, “I’m a financial advisor.” Instead, she used her compelling introduction, and by the end of the conversation, a gentleman approached her, saying, “You need to talk to my Mom. Do you only work with women?” The conversations quickly lead to the gentleman scheduling an appointment with her.

  • Inspiring more introductions: After a client read her compelling introduction on the homepage of her website, the client commented, “I didn’t realize this is what you do! You need to call my friend who is getting a divorce.”

  • She Leaned-In: In a one-on-one appointment with a couple, the financial advisor shared her story about why she works with women. As she shared her compelling introduction, the woman simultaneously leaned in to fully engage herself in the conversation.  

A Compelling Introduction contains four key components:

  1. The title inspires more interest.
  2. The description of your tribal market stimulates referrals.
  3. The three core issues show your clients that you understand them.
  4. The three tiffany box solutions become the foundation of your practice and process.

Sample Compelling Introduction:

So what do you do?

I run an engaging wealth practice for women.

What do you mean?

Most of my clients are smart, capable women who have recently experienced a personal crisis. Their lack of financial confidence has left them feeling fearful and vulnerable. They are tired of feeling like a victim and want to take back control of their life.  These women realize they need to make their financial affairs a priority to go from a feeling of surviving to a place of thriving.

You know what is interesting… It doesn’t matter whether these women lost a spouse, experienced a divorce, or for some, simply moving into retirement; they all come to me with the same three concerns!

What are those?

      • Am I going to be ok?
      • How do I rebuild from here?
      • How do I protect my future? (They never want to feel like a victim again)

 So what do you do for them?

As a result of working with me, together we will:

      • Create their Life by Design Plan, which gives them greater clarity and direction, providing a clear path to the life they want.
      • Build their Balanced Investment Strategy delicately integrating their desire for safety and income with their need for growth. 
      • They become a part of my Thriving Women’s Club, a community of women and events supporting and encouraging her journey to a life by her design.

I share this real example freely because your compelling intro must show who you are and your tribal market, or it won’t work. Using a canned message, you will create a negative impact appearing more like the old “Elevator Script,” an empty shell with no substance.

Many advisors use the exercises in my book “Keys To The Ladies Room” as their guide in developing their compelling introduction.

Are you doing enough to keep your female clients happy? Lets find out.

After completing this 10-question survey, we will review your answers and provide you with recommended tools and strategies to meet your needs.

Do you have a story that tells women why you care about them?

Does your message about what you do appeal to women?

Is your message compelling enough to inspire further interest from both genders?

Have you carved out a place for women on your website?

Do you send regular emails that are of interest to women?

Do you post women friendly content on social media?

Do you host events and seminars for women only?

Is your office decorated in a way that women love?

Do you communicate in a way that women understand?

Are you getting enough referrals from women in your database?

Please provide us with your contact info, so we can send you your results!

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Tell us a little about your business, and we’ll let you know what strategies will best help your business grow.

I want to strengthen my relationship with my female clients in order to prevent future attrition.

I want to actively attract more women in a way that inspires more referrals to my practice.

I currently focus on women and want a source of ideas, strategies and a supportive network to enhance my efforts.

I want a seminar process that both engages women more effectively and helps brand me in my community as the advisor that cares about women.

I want to make women a primary focus to my future marketing, but want a proven plan and process that is easy and effective.

Please provide us with your contact info, so we can send you your results!

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Would you like to join Adri’s email database: Including marketing advice from Adri, updates on her latest coaching programs and direct access to her blog?

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