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Advisor fees decreasing and workload increasing; a new option for you

The new fiduciary rules your role as a Financial Advisor are more than just making investment recommendations. With fees decreasing, Advisors are now asked to add more value and make less.

Your focus in 2017 must be about adding more value. Value that goes beyond just the investments, which takes more time and energy, you now must do more and make less.

But what if you had a process that reduces your workload, decreased your time meeting with clients, increased your value and ability to gather more assets and inspired meaningful conversations with clients and prospects?

What if when your clients share what you do, they talk about your “Purposeful Wealth Process that leaves no stone unturned.” What if when you speak to a prospect or COI you actually have a tangible process that is structured, marketable and EASY to implement setting you apart from every other advisor?

The moment the industry adopted the fee based option in lieu of knowing how to truly validate the new fees (which started at 3%) they pushed advisors to host quarterly performance reviews.  Considering advisors coach their clients to focus on the long term results these quarterly reviews didn’t make sense. But how else could you show you were doing your job and earning your fees?

Most every advisor I coach feels authentically compelled to provide more than just investment recommendations. They are sincerely interested in the wellbeing of their client and every advisor believes they do more than just investing yet few if any Advisors know how to articulate their value clearly and succinctly. As such the only form of measurement is the performance of the portfolio.

The new role of the Financial Advisor is to challenge your clients. To help them question what they are doing with their money and to get them to think beyond today.

The advisor today must address and discuss not just Asset Management but Risk, Protection and Legacy.  

Trying to do all of this in one or a few meetings is often overwhelming and inefficient. To do it right, requires a well thought out process that is easy to manage, but highly productive for both the client and advisor.  The world is moving faster and faster, what clients needed yesterday is not what they may need tomorrow. To be efficient and effective, Advisors today must incorporate a dynamic process that adapts to the changes.

To help advisors bridge this gap, I developed a Purposeful Wealth Program where advisors learn how to inspire more meaningful conversations with clients on a quarterly basis leaving portfolio reviews to a once a year event.  

The program is systematic, allowing the advisor to address all aspects of wealth management leaving no stone unturned by the end of the year.  The quarterly themes provide a clear structure in order to plan your ongoing client contact and marketing strategy which creates more efficiency and simplifies your life. Once implemented, Advisors rest easier at night knowing no client has slipped through the cracks.

Marketed to clients as your Purposeful Wealth Process, at Adri Miller Consulting we have developed this proprietary Thematic Wealth Program specifically for Advisors.

This online kit steps you through the process of developing what your clients will begin to know as your Purposeful Wealth Process. Using our workbook coordinated with 6 audio classes you can quickly implement this program and redefine your value with less stress, effort and money.

Thematic Wealth Program for Advisors includes:

Included in the online program is a 34-page workbook which is coordinated with 6 pre-recorded audio sessions from a live teleclass all focused on the following:

Session 1:  An overview of the program along with the process and benefits to both you and your clients

Session 2:  How to build your quarterly communication calendar with sample drip emails

Session 3:  The implementation process including scripts for both prospects and clients

Session 4:  The quarterly tools including Introductory Letter and building your diagram

Session 5:  Sample time tables, worksheets and to do lists

Session 6:  Tracking your progress with accountability worksheets

The beauty of this program is that once implemented it can drive your service and value for years to come and can be customized to your practice, needs and availability. This program while valuable is simple to implement, just listen to the audios and complete the steps in the workbook and you will quickly create a more efficient, value-added practice that validates your fees and positions you as the advisor of choice in your community.

Let’s get started<=== Learn a new process that makes your job easier and more effective!

With our new digital format you can now download the whole program immediately and get started today. Yes! I want the Thematic Wealth Program™ for just $199.

By following this process I will step you through every aspect of the program one section at a time. By the time you have completed the 6 audios and the corresponding worksheets you will be up and running in no time. Then you will scratch your head and say “Why Didn’t I do this ages ago?”


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