A Certificate Program for Financial Advisors



Become a Women’s Wealth Specialist

A Certificate Program designed for Financial Advisors that will provide the training, tools and proven business model to attract more women to your practice.


Marketing to women is no longer a “girl’s game” but requires a new marketing strategy and business model that engages women more effectively.

Women have ceased to be an easy mark for an industry mired in  numbers and profits. Women are standing their ground and are demanding a new standard of service from their advisors. Advisors who commit to serving the needs of women are destined to lead the industry in growth, inspiring more referrals, capturing more assets and attracting more clients of BOTH genders.  Listen to Adri answer questions on becoming a Women’s Wealth Specialist.

You’ve heard the statistics:


  • Women are expected to control over 22 trillion by the end of the decade. Bank of Montreal’s Wealth Institute
  • 73 percent of women said they are “most dissatisfied” with the financial services industry. Boston Consulting Group
  • 70% of women who lose a spouse will leave their advisors within 1-3 years. Boston Financial Group

To successfully tap into this lucrative market and meet the expectations of female clients today requires unique training, developed tools and a proven marketing strategy specifically designed around what women want.


It’s not enough to SAY you focus on women you must show women you care and understand them! Women today want an advisor that is truly committed to serving their needs by providing a process and environment that appeals to their nature, engages them more effectively and educates women in their path to financial confidence.


You can’t just buy a title as a Women’s Wealth Specialist or proclaim you focus on women when nothing in your practice is different. You have to earn the title and prove your commitment to women by making powerful changes to your practice, changes that will attract more women and fuel your business growth for generations to come.


“WOW, what a great 7 weeks!!! I was very hesitant to start Adri’s Masters of Women’s Advisory Certificate program (MWA) as this was my first coaching experience as an advisor but what a difference it has made. I feel more organized, focused and re-energized over a career I have had for many, many years. As the old saying goes, “if you always do what you have always done, you will always be where you have always been” my career was just that, the same. By completing the MWA program I am taking a totally different approach to my business focusing on my tribe and sharing with others in a completely different way. This new paradigm is opening new doors and compelling me to do things in ways that I never thought of before. I am thankful for Adri and for the program and look forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for me personally and for my business. Thank you Adri!!!!”


Tami W McDonald, CFP®, Financial Consultant


“Using your program we developed a unique marketing strategy that lives on today 3 years later! My Savvy Women’s club continues to grow, my messaging makes a powerful statement on our website and personal brochure and your Purposeful Wealth Process continually engages our clients in more meaningful ways. I highly recommend your Masters of Women’s Advisory program to any advisor looking to market to women.”


Paula Chesser, Robert W. Baird


“It wasn’t until I fully committed to the women’s market and began applying Adris’ tools and strategy that everything changed in my business. Adri gave me the model, helped me develop my unique focus and marketing message and once I implemented the rest is history. My success was no longer about “hard work” but about having fun and making a difference. Any advisor focused on the women’s market must take Adri’s Marketing to Women’s Advisory certification program!”


Janice Goldman, Author, Speaker, Wealth Coach


“The greatest impact your program provided was clarity around who I am. It gave me a greater insight into my real calling. You exceeded my expectations, and I have very high expectations! I am not even sure if I can articulate the real value of this program. It has had a much more profound effect than you could ever imagine. I have begun sharing my new strategy, and I’ve received very positive feedback. I would recommend The Masters of Women’s Advisory Program to anyone who wants to market to women.”


Amy Cole, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley


“It’s the first time that I can proudly say “This is what I do…” Every time someone asks me what I do they are intrigued and inspired, and they always ask me for more information. This process works exactly how you said it would, Adri. And when I wrote my story and began to share it with others, it had a compelling impact on everyone I shared it with! There is an immediate emotional connection; one that initiates a natural feeling of respect and trust and inspires immediate conversations that lead to more purposeful engagement. The women I speak to are immediately interested, and the men I share this with are already thinking about women they know who need me. I’ve worked with MANY coaches from the industry, but I have gained the most focus, clarity, and direction from your program. I LOVE serving my tribal market.”


Bill Cummings, President and Owner (CFO), Concierge Financial


How do you become a Women’s Wealth Specialist?

  1. Replace the old model of prospecting, selling and closing with the Female Trifecta© ; a new model based on building relationship, inspiring, and motivating.
  2. Incorporate a new process and client service model that immediately appeals to women, intrigues their husbands and resonates with future generations.
  3. Provide educational components that encourage women to learn, connect, engage and become more confident in their ability to make smart financial decisions.

Preview of the 8-Week MWA lesson plan


mwa-img02Our Masters of Women’s Advisory Certificate Program© (MWA) is the most comprehensive training program for financial advisors who are committed to building a practice serving the needs of women.


Our MWA program looks at both the external and internal workings of your business as it relates to women. As a participant we will look at every component of your business from your message, mission and vision to your process, investment philosophy and marketing plan. Together we will build your new model and strategy that is highly attractive to women, more fun and engaging for the advisor and inspires more interest from both genders.


Our mission is to make marketing to women easy, fun and highly effective.


Over the course of 8 weeks we will step you through each component of a powerful business model that has proven to create more traction in the world of women. Using live tele-classes, a comprehensive workbook coordinated with chapters from both The Keys to the Ladies Room and Seminars for the Financial Advisor you will quickly transform your practice to one that positions you as the financial advisor of choice for women in your community.

Upon completion of the program and after meeting all the graduation requirements you will receive a Masters of Women’s Advisory certificate to hang on your wall highlighting your commitment to women and their financial future.

The MWA Program consists of:

  • 7 week LIVE tele-class with Adri includes over an hour of lessons, learning’s and real examples of successful strategies followed by participant Q&A
  • MWA Workbook: 56 pages including weekly lessons, sample materials and engaging emails.
  • The Keys to the Ladies Room book by Adri Miller-Heckman integrated into the 8 week program
  • Seminars for the Financial Advisor book by Adri Miller-Heckman providing valuable knowledge and resources to enhance the training
  • Mid- Term Progress Review providing the opportunity for 1on1 updates with Adri

Final Review: 30 minute 1-on-1 calls with Adri where you present your work, get the feedback and coaching you need to launch your new female friendly practice and strategy.

The Results


After completing the Masters of Women’s Advisory Certificate Program your business, process and marketing strategy will be fresh, clear and totally compelling.

  • You will be confident in your ability to connect and engage women more effectively.
  • You will understand what women need and want from their advisor and be able to deliver in a way that is mutually productive for both you and your female clients.

You will have new tools that propel your business forward. Your “Story – Why Women” will become your most powerful tool to connect and inspire interest from women and men. Your compelling introduction will immediately intrigue people to want to know more and will become the foundation to your process and marketing strategy. You will understand why education is key with women and how to provide it in a way that works for you and inspires women.

“The moment you apply just one of our tools you will immediately recognize the difference and the impact “marketing to women” can have on your business growth.” Adri Miller-Heckman

IMPORTANT!!!! Program will be held on Wednesdays at 3:00 EST. To maintain a high impact of the program we will limit the number of participants to 15 . Don’t delay and sign up today.


“Adri it’s about time you created the Masters of Women’s Advisory program! Your coaching and process was instrumental in our success! It took us a while to fully embrace the women’s market but when we did your tools, seminar and marketing strategy worked! I love that now in 8 weeks any advisor can accomplish what it took us a year to accomplish!!”


Steve Wolff and Catherine Magana, Savvy Women Wealth Management