Are you stuck in an administrative slump while responding to market volatility?

If you’re like many financial advisors, you’ve already done an excellent job building your business, managing your client’s assets, and servicing clients, but that’s not the part you love.
In fact, you find yourself stuck in an administrative slump while responding to market volatility, convincing skittish clients they are well allocated, staying on top of the constant compliance demands and ever changing regulations--not to mention all the administrative minutia and constant flow of emails; at times what you do feels too much like work.
Does this sound like you?
  • You LOVE hosting women’s events and educating women on becoming more financially engaged – this is when you feel a strong sense of purpose.
  • You realize the industry has done little to appeal to women, and even less to support and encourage their participation in managing their financial affairs. This disturbing reality fuels your focus on women; because you know you can make a difference.
  • You want to make a bigger impact and would love to spend more time doing what you love and less of what you don’t.
  • You would love to spend your days coaching, inspiring, and educating, but are afraid to take the leap because as an advisor the money is good.


I can show how you can use your experience as a financial advisor and your desire to impact the world of women to build a highly lucrative consulting practice where you can coach and train other financial advisors how to create a female friendly practice.
You will be able to spend your time influencing financial professionals and ultimately have a broader impact on transforming the financial experience for women across the globe. 
Plus, your new consulting practice will be less stressful, more enjoyable, easy to implement, and allow you to fulfill your true purpose and passions in life.
The best part?  You will be still earn a substantial income AND…work fewer hours!
If just the thought of this excites you, read on...
I’ve been where you are now and have successfully made the transition and want to show you how you can do it too.  Read more of my personal story here.
I’m excited to announce my new coaching certification program: Masters of Women’s Advisory (MWA) Certified Coach. Find out now if you are qualified.


I’m looking for qualified individuals who want to:
  • Build a highly lucrative coaching practice using a proven model and step-by-step process
  • Spend your days focused on meaningful work
  • Have a direct impact on improving the world for women in the financial industry
  • Work from home with a schedule that works around your life
  • Turn your passion for supporting women into a powerful career path
  • Become an agent of change in your community of women
  • Live life with purpose and passion
Whether you want to continue as a financial advisor or are ready for a more satisfying career change, as a woman in financial services you are in a unique position to capitalize on this opportunity. As an MWA certified coach I will give you the tools, the process, the systems, and the ongoing support to begin building a coaching practice that combines your experience as an advisor with your passion for educating and inspiring women. The training alone will give you everything you need to build a fabulous coaching practice, even enhancing your effectiveness as a financial advisor.
As an MWA certified coach you will be prepared to provide one-on-one coaching and train financial advisors, insurance agents, and banking executives on how to create a practice that attracts more women and transforms business growth by tapping into the most lucrative market of women. Find out now if you are qualified.

3.  WHY NOW?


Women are leaving their advisors in droves searching for one who shows them the respect and appreciation they deserve as a woman. 
Firms are desperately trying to hire more women in order to tap into this new lucrative market of wealthy women, but their efforts continue to generate dismal results. 

The growth of the women’s market has made it the most lucrative market for financial advisors going forward, yet few truly understand how to connect, communicate, and engage women effectively. 

Women are controlling more wealth and will no longer tolerate feeling marginalized, ignored, and uncomfortable when working with an advisor.
There is so much competition for coaches. This program gives you a competitive advantage over other coaches because there are very few financial advisor coaches who are knowledgeable and experienced with the nuances of women's market. 



Advisors and firms need more training. Unless they can implement a proven female-friendly business model and get the proper coaching and support, most advisors and firms will spend substantial amounts of time, energy, and (working capital) resources pursuing the women of wealth, while generating dismal results.
Marketing to women requires a complete new mindset, business model, and marketing strategy that penetrate every aspect of the business. From the moment you say hello, how you chose to connect and engage with women will be essential to developing a process that women love, as well as providing an educational component that inspires and empowers women.


I am currently expanding my practice to fill a global demand for more Marketing to Women Advisory Coaching. I have the model, tools, and process; you have the desire and experience.
Join my team and together we can transform the industry and improve the world for women.
To be considered, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Experience working in the financial services industry, preferably in a sales, management, or coaching capacity
  • Experience marketing to and working with women a plus, preferably in the financial services arena
  • A strong desire to improve the financial environment to become more relationship based
  • Prior coaching or training experience a plus, but not mandatory
If you’re ready to change your like and the financial world for women, complete the pre-qualification form here. 
Together, we can all make a difference.