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    Keynote Topics

    • Topic: When Purpose and Passion Collide

      Learn how to forge your own unique path by leveraging your strengths as a woman to inspire and drive business growth.

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    • Topic: The Art of Selling to Women

      Advisors learn how to build trust with women in the first 5 minutes of conversation.

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    • Topic: What Affluent Women are Really Thinking

      How advisors can improve perceptions, loyalties and results when marketing to women.

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    • Topic: Femolution Revolution

      Female Advisors learn to shed industry protocol and leverage their natural strengths as women to accelerate growth.

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    • Topic: Keys to the Ladies Room

      Financial Advisors learn a female friendly marketing plan that helps retain & attract women.

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    • Topic: Recruiting Women Made Easy

      For firms managers, recruiters and RIAs who recognize the impact female advisors can have.

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    • Topic: It’s Your Story…Tell it!

      How to craft your personal story and turn it into your most powerful tool for growth.

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  • What Affluent Women Are Really Thinking

    How advisors can change perceptions, loyalties and results when marketing to women


    Over the next decade, women will be the recipients of the greatest transference of wealth in our nation’s history. While this shift presents an enormous opportunity for financial advisors, statistics tell us women are not happy with the financial services industry, this could lead to massive attrition.

    This combination of wealthy women and their dwindling trust for advisors will all but force changes within the financial industry. The approach that worked well for her husband, father or brother does not translate well for the wealthy woman who is representing her own interests, and thus, change is eminent and necessary to future growth for every advisor.

    Advisors today have two choices, embrace this shift by integrating a new more feminine model for success leading the industry in attracting female clients and women controlled assets OR wait for massive attrition (women won’t tell you they are not happy, they just leave) that will simply force unwanted change.

    The key skills needed in this more feminine environment is a new approach to building relationships and trust faster, the ability to inspire women to consider other options and opportunities without selling her and learning how to motivate women by giving her a voice and knowing what is truly important to her.

    In this transformational keynote Advisors will learn how to connect with women using three new tools that will have an immediate impact on business growth. Advisors will recognize how this new model once implemented will enhance their ability to appeal to women and make stronger connections while also attracting more men and intriguing future generations.


    Participants will learn:

    • How the landscape is changing in the financial services and why advisors must embrace new female friendly strategies to appeal to women and their growing wealth
    • An understanding of what affluent women want and why they are not happy with financial advisors.
    • Why today’s business model requires a shift incorporating a softer approach that attracts women and ultimately appeals to both genders.
    • 3 powerful tools that will transform how advisors engage and communicate with women inspiring a renewed sense of trust and confidence in their commitment and value.
    • How to incorporate this new model to generate an immediate positive impact on all aspects of their business from networking, prospecting client meetings and events.
    • The realization that this same new approach that appeals to women is equally effective in attracting men and millennials

    Adri’s unique perspective, proven approach and easy to implement process leaves the audience inspired, motivated and thirsting for more. The results?

    Increased audience engagement, transformative thinking and actionable results.



    Best delivered as a keynote followed by a live workshop

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