We help you become the most sought-after advisor. . . by women in your community.

Whether you plan to focus fully on the women’s market or carve out a special place for women within your existing practice, your messaging, process, tools and strategy must become female friendly.

“Adri, I have brought in over $9 million in the 6 months we’ve been working togetherI haven’t even launched my new female program yet and already I am attracting my ideal clients. In the past two months I have 3 new clients all of which are exactly the kind of women I love to work with.”  -Alison

Our femXadvisor Coaching Programs step you through every aspect of your practice transforming boring messaging and a stodgy process to one that is authentic, compelling, inspiring and motivating.

“Thanks to your coaching program in less than a year and a half I have grown from $0 to $22 million assets under management and I see no end in site!!  Thank you.” -Lisa

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“One of the greatest features of the Growth Coaching was that I was reminded why I do what I do.  Before joining the program, I was caught up in minutia of my business and in the weeds of the business. By rediscovering my message I am much more focused and efficient. Adri’s coaching removes the external distractions and I feel so re-energized” -Felicia

“Adri’s process has honestly been life altering. I have muddled my way through this industry trying to find the answers for years. In retrospect, it’s easy to see how I lost myself, along the way. I share my story and the experience I have had from Adri’s coaching because I believe there are other advisors who feel the way that I felt and I know Adri can help!” -Claudia Rivers, Rivers Wealth Management

The moment Advisors fully commit to the women’s market and begin applying the Adri’s Coaching Tools and Strategies the impact on business growth is IMMEDIATE:

  • $3,000,000 and 2+ referrals: Ann Singleton on a cold call with a man who proclaimed to be a self- investor she shared her story “why women”. He immediately referred two women to her and eventually became her client as well totaling over $3,000,000 in total assets.

  • 99% appointments: Ray German an Estate Planning Attorney Opened his seminar sharing his story “why women” and got the most appointments from one event ever, and this was with a MIXED audience!

  • $10,000,000 account:  George Arky after profiling a new couple he began by sharing his new story “why women” and his compelling message designed for women, the wife leaned forward and became fully engaged in the conversation and the husband noticing his wife’s interest said “When can we get started. This was a $10MM account.

  • Gained more clients, attention and loyalty: Monet an $800,000 producer at her annual presentation to the employees of one of her 401K clients, fueled by her recent success focusing on  women she chose a women’s topic even knowing the audience was 80% men. She had more employees of BOTH genders reach out to her after the presentation asking advice. Her contact at the company raved about her choice in topics and she earned greater loyalty, respect and new accounts.  

  • Gained media attention: Janice Goldman after years of dabbling in the women’s market she finally committed fully to the women’s market, using her new story and compelling message and inspired media attention securing multiple radio and magazine interviews. Her success prompted Janice to write her new book.

  • New high net worth client: She posted her story “why women” on her website and when perfect strangers called in inquiring as to her services they commented that it was her story that made her different.

  • Women became their primary source of referrals: The moment they fully committed to the women’s market playing off their Savvy Women Seminar they started a radio show “SavvyUP” and the response from both women and men inspired their full commitment to marketing to women.

  • In her first attempt she landed two appointments with high-level executive women: Kim while attending a charitable event for women shared bits of her brand new story and focus on women and immediately attracted a top-level executive who asked for an appointment. Following the event she received an email from another high-level exec requesting time to meet.

  • Her focus on women totally changed the meeting dynamics: Susan was meeting with a couple who had been long term clients, this appointment she spent 90% of her time speaking directly to the woman and just this effort totally transformed the dynamics of the meeting, while at first she was concerned that the husband would feel ignored he was even more receptive and pleased with the results.

  • An immediate referral: Ellie a new advisor with no contacts or database was struggling to get noticed and attract new business. The moment she committed to the women’s market she started using her new tools and strategy at social events and the interest in her was instantaneous. In her first attempt she was given a lucrative referral and the women are still talking about her.

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