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Financial Advisors Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Compelling Message

All the training and research tells us our clients are more than willing to give referrals, but they don’t. Today I’m sharing with you another powerful process for generating referrals: Creating an authentic compelling introduction. The thing is, generating referrals is not just about asking. A solid flow of referrals starts with a solid marketing plan and clear message. I cannot stress th...

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COI Script & Strategy for Financial Advisors

Centers of Influence (COI’s) can be a valuable source of ongoing referrals and all you need is a few good sources to keep your referral pipeline full. The challenge is that every other financial advisor is reaching out to these same professionals for referrals. How do you set yourself apart? Today I’m giving you my simple process and the script to build a network of COIs who will suppor...

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Advisors, Women Just Don’t Trust You (Yet)

It’s become common knowledge that women are the largest and most lucrative market for advisors today. But what many advisors don’t realize is that to build trust with female clients and prospects requires more than just good eye contact, your warm handshake and some new open-ended questions. Your messaging, process, tools and strategy must become female friendly.  Before women care abo...

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Advisors are Capitalizing on 3 HUGE Shifts

Women are not just an up and coming market they are having a tremendous impact on business growth for financial advisors. At Adri Miller Consulting we have spent 20 years helping advisors attract more affluent women so why did we feel the need to up our game and create the femX Advisor program now? Because women are quickly evolving and the financial industry is not. In the past 5 years I ...

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Reignite Referrals with our NEW Script

You have heard a multitude of presentations on how, when and where to ask for referrals, but personally asking someone for a referral always felt wrong.   When was the last time your dentist asked you for a referral, or your divorce lawyer?  People automatically give referrals when they are inspired and motivated by what you do.   The real underlying problem is most people really don’t k...

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Bored with prospecting? Ready for something better?

Bored with Prospecting? Ready for Something Better?

Are you bored with prospecting, selling and closing and looking for something new that makes growing your business more fun, more effective, and more fulfilling? Becoming a female friendly advisor with our femX process establishes your foothold as an innovative, gender balanced, generational friendly advisor for the next decade. As femX advisor everything you do has a greater impact. . . ...

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Advisors Must Tread Carefully, the Gender Game has Changed

The surge of sexual harassment cases is heightening the need for femX advisors.  Women are less tolerant than ever before and to just assume your female clients are happy is ludicrous. If you think just being a nice person is enough to attract and retain your female clients, you may be highly mistaken. Today’s woman is more discerning. You must assume the moment a woman meets you she wil...

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Being Appreciated as an Advisor has Never Been Easier; Here is How

  Knowing your work is adding value and is totally appreciated has never been easier, when you become a female friendly advisor. The growth of affluent women has opened the door to an opportunity for female friendly advisors to achieve personal greatness beyond their wildest dreams. There has never been a market that is. . . desperate for what you have to offer willing and eager t...

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Unique Prospecting Script Attracts High Net Worth Men

By marketing to women, my biggest clients and most lucrative referrals sources became men! This is happening for a select group of advisors who truly understand the women’s market -these are the femX Advisors! Let me give you an example of how this could work for your practice. Unique Prospecting Script Attracts High Net Worth Men Male Prospect:  So what do you do? femX Advisor: I ru...

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Build Trust In The First 5 Minutes

Before women care about your credentials, experience or even performance you must meet three important criteria before they will consider you as their advisor: Interpersonal Skills: Women want you to have good interpersonal skills able to converse and engage her in meaningful conversation. Understanding: She wants to know you understand what is important to her and respect and value her fe...

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