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How FemX™ Advisors Inspire More Attention From Women.

FemX Advisors who shift their marketing and communication strategies to appeal more to the women’s market immediately inspire more attention from women, gain more respect and appreciation from their husbands and simply attract more new clients of both genders. That’s just how it works and how easy it is. You don’t have to make major shifts to generate an impact. Some FemX Advisors focus ...

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How to Market Financial Services to Women (Without Alienating Men!)

Please join us for an exclusive webinar with special guest Claire Akin, from Indigo Marketing Agency. Both Adri and Claire are former advisors and share great insights as to how to market to women and get results. Register now: Free Webinar on How to Market Financial Services to Women (Without Alienating Men!) During this call we will share with you… Adri’s step-by-step propriet...

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This Female Friendly Advisor is ON FIRE with No End in Site

Stop searching for the latest and greatest idea to grow your business, all you really need is an authentic, compelling message. It took Janet 5 months to commit and finally get it… and now, she is on fire.  Everyone she speaks to is so interested in what she has to say, they keep asking for more. Here, is yet another example of what will happen the minute you start using your compelli...

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How I Converted MEN to My Women’s Practice

As a former financial advisor I was considered a bit of  a rogue, I was determined to build my business using my purpose as the foundation, and it worked. I was trained by Smith Barney in one of the best,  most extensive training programs on Wall Street, but I had my own vision of what worked for me and I would not relinquish my passion and purpose. I wanted to serve the wealthy women in Ne...

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Do you have a story? Here is a sample

Women want to know why you really care about her. Your story will help her realize it’s not just her money you are after.  The Keys to the Ladies Room is not just fluff or concepts it’s a proven plan of action where you learn the process and actually create your female friendly marketing message.  Here is a real life example:    At the young age of  24 I found myself divorced and t...

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