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Advisors Earn the Trust of Women Faster with Your Compelling Message

Being an advisor focused on women is challenging and risky. And as pressures rise from women asking for more, advisors are tempted to lean into their traditional training in order to win her business. But if you want to show women you truly care, you must have a compelling message. Your compelling message needs to define your motives, process and true intentions in a way that inspires immediate ...

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A new model that is designed for women and the next decade of business

Advisors by now you must recognize the women’s market is a very viable and essential opportunity for the growth of your business. Here’s the problem. The traditional model of prospecting selling and closing is failing you. You see women don’t like to be prospected, they don’t want to be sold to and they don’t want to be closed on. That’s why we have created ...

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This is a Total Game Changer for Financial Advisors

Your authentic message can be a total game changer with your business. Not being able to articulate what you do in a clear and compelling manner totally undermines your value as a financial advisor. Every advisor is unique but  when asked “What do you do?” few are able to present their uniqueness and value. For many advisors their message feels uncomfortable, boring and sometimes eve...

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A Women’s Seminar Invitation that GETS NOTICED

To get attention from women, to get women to WANT to come to your event sometimes you have to go totally rogue. It’s not just the topic, nor the content but it’s the look and feel of the invitation that gets the results. When sending invitations to women whether it’s a branding event, qualifier event, specialty event or even educational workshop (see Seminars for the Financial Advisor...

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How to Leverage Your Strengths as a Female Advisor

Why did you become a female financial advisor? Was it your dream as a young girl? Did you wake up one day and say “When I grow up I want to manage investments and people’s life savings? “ Or did you just fall into this career accidentally? If you are like 95% of the female advisors out there you fell into this position never dreaming this would be where you end up and sometimes wo...

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Advisor fees decreasing and workload increasing; a new option for you

The new fiduciary rules your role as a Financial Advisor are more than just making investment recommendations. With fees decreasing, Advisors are now asked to add more value and make less. Your focus in 2017 must be about adding more value. Value that goes beyond just the investments, which takes more time and energy, you now must do more and make less. But what if you had a process that reduc...

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9 Easy Ways Advisors Launch Their Focus on Women

You have developed a new message and brand focused on women, so now what? “Build it they will come” is a great concept but unless you are ACTIVELY sharing your message and brand, life could get pretty lonely. As you develop your marketing strategy you must focus on both PASSIVE as well as ACTIVE strategies. You need both and each enhances the results of the others. PASSIVE strategies are m...

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Don’t Let One Jerk Derail Your Focus On Women

This is the time of the year to be thankful for our families, our business, our clients and the successes we’ve achieved. I’m thankful for all of you and look forward to meeting and mentoring even more of you in 2017 (see below for more details on this!).   One of the things I’m not thankful for….people who try to stop others on their road to success.  One of my own cl...

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A Coaching Opportunity for Advisors Passionate about Women

I’m excited to announce that we are rolling out a brand new program that’s going to have a global impact on the women in finance, and could totally transform your life!!!!Most of you know that my passion is to change the financial industry to be more appealing and inclusive of women. That is where my passion lives and that vision inspires me each and every day. But I need your help. Over the p...

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