Female Advisors Go BIG! Live 2-Day Event

Farmington, CT | October 24-26, 2017

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It's time to play the game Your Way... the Woman's Way

Whether you're a Financial Advisor, Planner, Insurance Specialist, or work in a bank... whether you're a new Advisor, or maybe a seasoned Veteran...

This is your chance to learn a new way to grow your business - a way that feels totally authentic, re-energizes you on a daily basis and turns your purpose as a woman advisor into a powerful tool for growth.

I'd love for you to join me for a 2 1/2 day event that promises to Rock Your World - both personally and professionally! 

Are you ready to begin building an Extraordinary Practice?

and an Extraordinary Life?

Let’s be clear about one thing: the masculine model just doesn’t suit the woman’s way of doing business. It’s too impersonal, too structured. Women can’t connect through profiling questionnaires; we start with a warm smile and take it from there. I’ll be presenting a new model and more women centric approach to building a business and living an extraordinary life. Starting day one you will feel a sense of relief that finally someone in the industry truly understands you. You will immediately get energized feeling the strength and enthusiasm of every other woman in the room. The clutter will clear and a new version of what’s possible will crystalize. Most female Advisors have spent their careers adapting to a professional environment that was “less than conducive” to their natural strengths and abilities. These methods often felt uncomfortable, even abrasive to our sensibilities, but we persevered – because no one offered us an alternative. Until now. You see, for women, this business isn’t really about selling… It’s about inspiring your clients to do what is right and good for them, for their families and their future. It’s about developing lasting relationships and rock-solid client loyalty. It’s about distinguishing yourself from the hordes of gray-suited salesman and becoming a brilliant advocate for women’s security, independence, and financial strength. Your practice is an extension of who you are and what you want to accomplish in the world. We are purpose-driven creatures, and when we tune into that inner drive and build our business around it, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.  

Hear Adri Speak...

"Adri, you were so key for me, before I picked up your book Keys to the Ladies Room I knew what I wanted to do but I had no idea how to get there. When I read your book I realized this is it, this is the one person that gets it and has the information I need. So I shut all the other noise out and just focused on your process and this vision just grew out of me. Your process is amazing, you are so gifted and you have blessed my life so much. It almost brings me to tears how passionate I am now and what I have learned from you." ~ Samantha Compton

  • Fuel business growth using your purpose and passion as the growth foundation.
  • Be fearless and creative following your heart to success.
  • “Bungee jump” with your business – taking big leaps that bounce you into Big success.
  • Unleash your new marketing strategy that feels totally authentic and highly effective.  
  • Tell your unique story in a way that builds trust and credibility quickly and easily.
  • Articulate who you are and what you do in a way that inspires immediate interest and referrals.
  • Use your new ideas and inspiration to create and build an extraordinary business, an extraordinary life.  
  • Integrate your business and life creating a seamless process and purpose staying fearless, focused and fully engaged. 
  • Leverage your confidence to play a bigger game.

What does it mean to Play a Bigger Game?

How do you embrace a larger version of what you're Capable of Creating?

What would your life and world look like if you were Living Fearlessly?

During the workshop, we will go right to the core of your personal vision and teach you to identify - and rise above - your limiting beliefs. Much more than pep and philosophy, this is your chance to:

  • Transform your vision of what you want to create through your work, and in your life at large.
  • Find the source of your anxiety - and rip it out by the roots.
  • Experience true, lasting fearlessness (maybe for the first time ever).
  • Plot your path to extraordinary living with a highly actionable plan.
  • Learn that true power comes NOT from Doing but from Being - and how to be a stronger, clearer, more magnetic You.

  • Access to 2 full days of Breaking the Mold training with Adri live with special guest presentations (valued at $2,000)
  • Adri’s two books, Keys to the Ladies Room and Seminars for the Financial Advisor (valued at $40)
  • Strength Finder Assessment highlighting your 5 greatest strengths (valued at $30)
  • Breaking the Mold Welcome dinner Wednesday night includes a live welcome from Adri and an opportunity to meet our special guests and bond with like minded women. (valued at $100)
  • Lunches on Wednesday and Thursday with a Wine and Appetizer closing event. (valued at $150)
  • Creative tools and materials, including marketing strategies, tools and scripts. (valued at $500)
  • Special guest presentations each day of the event. (valued at $2,000)
  • Life coaching assessment, a 30 minute post-event one-on-one with Betty the Bag Lady (valued at $250)

  • Everything included with the Breaking the Mold plus... (valued at $5,000)
  • Monthly Inspire Calls: 6 Months of monthly Inspire Calls. These live calls are guided by Adri and designed to help the you inspire each other by taking big leaps with your business (valued at $2,000)
  • 25% discount on the Savvy Women Seminar Kit ($400 savings)
  • 1 hour personal coaching session with Adri after the event (valued at $500)

Total Event Pass Value $5,070 -  

YOUR INVESTMENT: $1,997 Register By September 28th: $1,497 ($500 savings)  

Total VIP Event Pass Value $7900 -  

YOUR INVESTMENT: $2,497 (Only 30 10 VIP Passes Available)  

I've hand-picked 4 exciting guest speakers. Each one is an expert in her field and brings that expertise to Breaking the Mold.  

Your Host: Adri Miller-Heckman 

Adri is a leading success coach for female financial advisors. With 22 years in the industry, she has been a financial consultant, a national training officer, and the Director of National Sales for Women and Co., a division of Citigroup.  

In addition to training thousands of financial advisors, Adri also raised three children as a single mother. Adri knows what women are capable of, and her keynote speeches, workshops and coaching programs are designed to generate massive growth in a stimulating and supportive environment. 

Special Guest Speaker: Betty Robinson aka: Betty the Bag Lady 

Betty has dedicated over 10 years to helping women create fulfilling lives, both personally and professionally. Betty’s “Enough” life-coaching practice has helped hundreds of women transcend traditional barriers and create their life by design.  

With an extensive background in group facilitation and individual work, her ability to empower women has proven to be the passion that drives her path. Her keynote speeches, workshops and coaching programs address core issues and support women in transition and transformation.

Special Guest Speaker: Sharon Arena 

Owner & Creative Director of Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC, Sharon has over a decade experience working in the corporate world, in roles such as marketing, operations management, finance and sales. 

Growing up in a family-owned company, she understands the importance and dedication business owners need to be able to focus on their clients and sales. She helps provide services that business owners need in today's virtual world that will not only help them get more exposure online, but bring in more leads.

When: October 24th through October 26th, 2017  

Where: Diviso Business Center: 1789 New Britain Avenue, Farmington, CT 06032  

Welcome Event! ,Tuesday October 24th, 2017 at 6:00pm 

Barcelona Restaurant: 971 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06119 

Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites Hartford/Farmington, 301 Colt Highway, Farmington, CT 06032 (860) 674-8488  

Special Pricing! A block of rooms reserved for participants of Adri Miller Heckman at a special rate of $143 per night. Reservations must be made by September 24th, 2017 to get special pricing.  

Further information will be made available in your welcome email  


  • Clarity; A crystal-clear, authentic sense of who you are and how to create your extraordinary business and life.
  • Focus; An expanded vision of what is possible with your business with a clear game plan for your journey towards unlimited success.
  • Passion; A dynamic and compelling marketing strategy that intrigues prospects and is totally aligned with who you are as a woman.  
  • Fearless; BIG ideas – and the courage to implement them.
  • Energized; New marketing and business building tools to help you achieve success faster and easier.  

In the end, you’ll leave with a renewed sense of passion and direction that you just can’t put a price on. With a clear focus on your core purpose, and the ability to articulate your value with confidence and conviction, your attention will no longer be consumed with meeting your goal or making your number. Your passion for the business will drive profits to your practice, in an effortless way that you never thought possible.

“Last week I gave a presentation to 17 attorneys, and at the end I shared my new message and authentic story, they LOVED it. By the next day I received 4 emails with new business potential.” ~ Meeta Yadava, Harris Bank

“The light bulb went on. These traits are what my clients really treasure, and now so do I. I no longer hide my feminine self; I MARKET those strengths that truly set me apart from the competition." ~ Christel Ford Berry, Ford Berry Associates

“By implementing your strategies, all my business is now coming from referrals – and the size of the referrals are in the millions. I love this!” ~ Polly Rosenstein, Redstone Financial

“By working with Adri, I have gained more clarity, direction and focus to my business than ever before. Today I feel so much more confident that I am providing incredible value with less effort. As a result of working with Adri, I am better able to attract more prospects and close more business.” ~ Katie Morris, CFP, Independent Advisor

“I implemented my new seminar strategy just like you said and after just 5 months I have close to 200 new leads in my pipeline and everywhere I go people have heard about me. I did events for 15 years and never generated this much momentum.” ~ Mary Strickland, RW Baird

“What was amazing about last year’s workshop is that I am still in touch with just about every woman that attended and every one of them has made some major shifts in their businesses, and even some in their personal life.” ~ Peg Seabrooke, Independent Advisor

“I was so hesitant to ‘target market’ but your Tribal Market concept WORKS. And I LOVED the Bag Lady, she was GREAT!” ~ Mohini McCormick, 53rd Bank

“I have finally broken through and am getting very positive results.” ~ Liz Murphy, CFP, Murphy Financial Partners

I already have a successful business. What can this program do for someone like me?  

Odds are you built your business according to typical industry methods. In other words, you built your success in spite of the masculine model you were working in. Imagine what you could accomplish if you combined the things that worked for you with a fresh, new, feminine way of doing business?  

At Breaking the Mold, you will gain a new perspective on the business you’ve created so far – and enhance it with a larger vision of what is possible. I can help you assess what has worked so far, clarify the areas that you would like to change, focus on your most engaging traits, and incorporate these insights into your business. I guarantee that you will leave with important realizations and actionable strategies that you’ve never considered before.


My company sponsors an event each year that is geared for the Female Advisor. How will this be different?  

As independent coaches with a background in the corporate world, we bring things to the table that you just can’t get from an in-house program. Our only allegiance is to you, and that independence gives us the freedom to get creative, step outside the standard protocol, and present something NEW and DIFFERENT. Aren’t you tired of the same old boring seminar? Try a new approach; you’ll see a distinctive difference.  

Everything I do must be approved by compliance. Will I be able to utilize what I learn at Breaking the Mold?  

As a former Advisor with a supervisory license, I fully understand the restrictions that the compliance department places on you. I’ve spent countless hours approving materials for other Advisors. I assure you that Breaking the Mold was designed to help you differentiate yourself as a professional while still complying with the standards of your firm and industry regulations.  

I’m a brand new Advisor. Is it too soon for me to attend the Breaking the Mold conference?  

Absolutely not. In fact, the timing couldn’t be better. Breaking the Mold will help you avoid years of “trial and error,” and it will provide a super-strong foundation of business-building strategies that will launch your business to the next level in far less time than you ever thought possible. Confidence, guidance and insights await you… we look forward to seeing you there!  

My business partner is a man. Will this material damage our professional relationship?  

No! Breaking the Mold is about enhancing the masculine model, not destroying it. There is a vast body of knowledge and value that men have contributed to financial services, and this program is designed to build on that, not dismiss it. In fact, this program could round your partnership out in a way that makes it much more compelling to your prospects, ensuring a wider variety of clients will find exactly what they need within your practice.

© 2017 Adri Miller Heckman